We’ve done it! IMAC Fashion was cordially invited to spend some time at one of the beautiful Pierre Cardin’s castles near Marseille, France.

There was a Lacoste Festival, meetings with most beautiful crown holders: Mrs. and Miss, art galleries visits, friendship and good times! Endless lavender fields, ancient castles, tasty French wines and amazing sunsets…

We’ve imbued with a charm of old French town with its narrow cobbled streets, we’ve saw Marquis De Sade castle, we’ve enjoyed the play about famous poet Arthur Rimbaud’s life, we’ve listened to piano player in the ruins of one of the most beautiful castles on the top of the mountain…

Its our time to invite you to spend a good time in this environment! Who is interested in the trip to Pierre Cardin’s castle, who would like to breath the pure lavender smell, who loves the French wine: do not hesitate to contact us!

You will have the time of your life, we promise

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